Talks & Workshops

Ellen is an engaging and experienced speaker who can be hired for talks,workshops and panels. Below are some of her most common talks, but if you have another idea please get in touch


Diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords in recent years - but what do they actually mean and why are they so important?


In this engaging talk, Ellen draws upon her experiences as a campaigner and outlines why and how the popular approaches to diversity and inclusion fail and how organisations can - and must - do better. 

Best for: workplaces & conferences


Is there something you would like to change about the world? Have you got an idea for a campaign but don’t know how to make it a reality?

Whether you are an experienced activist or a total beginner, Ellen's session with help you to make your change-making more creative and effective. Ellen breaks down the positive and negatives of existing campaigns, teaches her audiences to dynamically problem solve and assists them in taking the next steps ​with their action.

Available as a workshop and a talk 

Best for: young people, campaigning groups, conferences


How do we look after ourselves in a world designed to make us miserable?

Poor mental health is at an all-time high, particularly for people from marginalised backgrounds. In this session Ellen explores the reasons why our mental health has become so poor  and what we as individuals and as organisations can do to facilitate greater wellbeing. Drawing upon her own experience of poor mental health and her extensive experience working within the LGBTQ+ and disabled community, Ellen deals with this topic with compassion and sensitivity. 

Best for: workplaces, conferences, support groups​, teachers

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